The Internet generation of interculturally minded, socially networked leaders is redefining the workplace. Management is slow to respond. Whether you are changing the rules, or watching the rules change, you need to read this book. How can you ground your leadership in the here and now?

Asian philosophy — with concepts like ba, Zen, feng shui, and ki — is becoming increasingly important for tomorrow's leader. Blend that with the Scandinavian mindset of egalitarianism, openness, and gender equity, add sophisticated use of network effects and you begin to understand the true logic of Internet in the workplace. Cultural diversity and technological dependence are global trends that demand constant attention. See how they can be integrated in a pragmatic leadership framework. Know:
  • How to lead without being the leader
  • How to adapt quickly to change
  • How to thrive on diversity
  • How to be a trendsetter in technology
  • How to be on top but still have a life
Leadership from below: A management perspective built on peer-to-peer, community, energy, and psychological balance.

Effective leadership of tomorrow will have little to do with formal position. Power will vary from project to project. Those who excel at sharing and pooling knowledge will win. But effective leaders not only need the requisite skills, they need the right attitude and behavior.

Trond Arne Undheim brings Asian and Scandinavian influences together with the true logic of the workplace Internet into a pragmatic leadership framework, so you can:
  • Navigate hierarchies and networks
  • Take charge of technology
  • Shape your surroundings
Each chapter looks at specific strategies to find your place of impact:
  • Tap into power from below (use peer-to-peer, Ki, and equity)
  • Master mobility (know when to travel and when to work from home)
  • Take charge of your senses (lead by intuition)
Really being heard requires knowing how drum up support using all means objects, people, and technologies.