"A must-read for any young manager looking to apply the lessons of eBay, Google and Facebook to the real world."
       — Julian Herbstein, Partner, BFDM, formerly Principal with Soros Fund Management

Leadership From Below explains how the workplace is being changed by ideas from Asia, Scandinavia, and the socially-networked internet. All managers — but especially the growing group of de facto managers — will take away usable leadership skills.

Trond Arne Undheim is a leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and academic; he speaks six languages, has co-founded a think tank and a consulting firm, and has a Ph.D. from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
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"I normally do not care much for management books. This one is different. This is not a book for wannabe executives, although they might benefit too. Rather, it is a book containing real strategies for real people, based on a philosophy of leadership and a way of thinking that at first seems so obvious, yet at the same time remains so elusive to most of us. It may not teach you how to become a millionaire in six months. It may however genuinely help you become a more effective you."
Espen Moe, Ph.D, Author of Governance, Growth and Global Leadership, Ashgate, 2007.

"Leadership from Below presents an important set of skills and concepts that anyone can use to maximize his or her potential influence and impact in an organization. Great for business, but applies just as well to academia, government, professional organizations, etc. Trond Undheim shares anecdotes to illustrate his points, and adds a review of key lessons at the end of each chapter, making the reading quite accessible. I also loved the chapter on speed-reading — a truly important, and yet often overlooked, skill in the Information Age!"
— Barbara Larson, MBA, doctoral student at Harvard School of Business

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